About Us

What we do

We create solutions tailored to users' (needs). Through our own hardware and software development, we create solutions to support their competitive advantage. Our customers are our partners. So we listen to them. We are open to criticism and suggestions. This helps us to continually improve our solutions and services.

Innovative solutions that automate supervision, operational management and work processes that improve the quality and efficiency of operations. Through interactive data based on business processes, implementing services and operating assets regardless of location and time, we support the creation of new business models and value-added services.

Our Team

Blackblox create innovative and highly motivated employees and excellent external partners. Our highly proficient team thrives on new challenges and goals, producing effective results with highly original solutions.

Tomaž Repar


  • E-mail: tomaz.repar@blackblox.si
  • Phone: 01/1234-567
  • Fax: 01/1234-568

Jakob Žorž

marketing and sales

  • E-mail: jakob.zorz@blackblox.si
  • Phone: 01/1234-567
  • Fax: 01/1234-568

Nina Melacher


  • E-mail: nina.melacher@blackblox.si
  • Phone: 01/1234-567
  • Fax: 01/1234-568

Nejc Zupan

web aplication developer

  • E-mail: nejc.zupan@blackblox.si
  • Phone: 01/1234-567
  • Fax: 01/1234-568

Uroš Repar

installation, tech support

  • E-mail: uros.repar@blackblox.si
  • Phone: 01/1234-567
  • Fax: 01/1234-568

Matic Šinko


  • E-mail: matic.sinko@blackblox.si
  • Phone: 01/1234-567
  • Fax: 01/1234-568

Company information

Company name: 3B+D d. o. o.

Adress: Mijavčeva ulica 16, SI-1291 Škofljica

E-mail: info@blackblox.si

Web page: www.blackblox.si

Phone: +386 1 236 48 80

Fax: +386 1 236 48 89

Mobile phone: +386 41 391 241

Company full name: 3B+D trgovinska d .o. o.

Legal representative: Tomaž Repar, general manager

Registered identification number: 5997321000

VAT identification number: SI71393897

Transaction account: SI56 060000100022916 (Banka Celje)